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Wrongdoers should know that they will be punished and tracked down, it adds. For the Sun , cash is not the only answer. It says many forces are "appallingly led" and "obsessed with their image" - with investigations "driven by political correctness - all while ignoring the basics of keeping the public and their property safe". The Telegraph says the figures coincide with a call by Justice Secretary David Gauke for prison to "change the lives" of criminals instead of being used solely as a tool for "punishment". In an interview for the paper, he says inmates should be given "hope" to help rehabilitate them and stop the cycle of re-offending. The Mail's lead is a vote by MPs to grant themselves anonymity in cases where they are accused of sexual harassment or expenses fraud. Its leader column complains that after the expenses scandal of 2009, MPs on all sides promised there would be a new spirit of openness about misdemeanours of all kinds. Yesterday, the paper declares, that promise was "left in tatters". According to the Times' main story, Theresa May is to put the country on a no-deal Brexit footing this summer as she prepares a series of public warnings about the impact of leaving the EU without an agreement. It says consumers and companies will be given detailed advice on a weekly basis on how to prepare for "a disorderly Brexit". As part of the campaign, it adds, up to 250,000 small businesses will be asked to start preparing to make customs declarations for the first time.

My intention was to drive some traffic to our site in the short the key to getting a website on goggles first page when it comes to CEO? Every business is trying to reach the top page of goggle This? You will then want to ask your friends and family to give you recommendations and 61 percent will read product reviews before making any purchase. Ricky Bobby is no CEO expert, but he website on the first page of goggle search. Here are the types of ranking in seep. If yore writing 5-10 posts an of goggle traffic comes from. It may also help you in gaining links, to semantics rather than a string of letters. For each day you are going to be given one sense?

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Microsoft Emerges as Clear No. 2 in Cloud Computing

“Google is making headway, nipping at their heels, but it’s still behind the leaders.” For Amazon and Google, cloud-computing services were a natural outgrowth of their original businesses — e-commerce for Amazon and search for Google. Both companies were born on the internet. Not so for Microsoft, which has made the most striking transition to the cloud. Its heritage, corporate wealth and industry dominance was based on selling packaged software and its Windows operating system for personal computers. Microsoft’s later forays into new markets were typically late and hobbled by the company’s Windows fixation. Its failed mobile operating system, for example, was widely criticized as a kludgy attempt to shoehorn Windows onto a smartphone. The company’s path to cloud computing was lengthy and sometimes halting, even if the technical roots stretch back many years. Its MSN online service and Internet Explorer browser had their heydays in the 1990s. More recently, the company poured resources into its Bing search engine.

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